La Niña de Cuenca Ildania 2017

Bobal din regiunea Manchuela, Spania

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This is a wine that comes from two plots of the Bobal variety. They were planted between 1945 and 1955 in the village of Ledaña (Cuenca, Spain) in a place called “Los Villares” where the altitude is 700 meters above sea level.

Each process is carried out in new 500 and 1.000 litre earthen jars applying a minimalist oenology. After fermentation, it ages slowly inside the jars for 18 months, at which time it is then bottle and remains in the cellar for at least another months.

The production of these two plots is limited and each bottle is numbered.

A Bobal red wine, that is far from perfection and in search of harmony. Tradition is stronger than people and its aromas evoke memories of eternal melancholy.

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