In 2006, Christophe Chapillon(born in 1970 in Tours, loire Valley ) decides to follow the family adventure (his uncle was oenologue in the Loire) of wine making but not in the Loire Valley but in Spain and specifically in Aragon where he lives since 1986 with the help of Cesar Langa.

Through this collaboration with the oldest Calatayud Family winery(More than 150 years of history), launches its brand CHAPILLON that becomes the backbone of their new business project. Christophe creates a line of wine with their familial name: CHAPILLON. A line of modern and wines, very different wines from the area.

The AREA: Calatayud ( ARAGON ,North East of Spain) : Family estate Since 1867, collaboration with Cesar Langa ,substainable and organic vineyard ( chardonnay, garnacha,merlot).

75 hectares of vineyard (control other 25 ) spread in two domains,( 650 meters & 750 meters average of 450 mm rainfall/year) both enjoying completely different climatic conditions, which result in the unique aromatic variety of the whole Appellation d´Origine of Calatayud and DO CAVA

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