Cantina Santa Maria La Palma is one of the oldest and largest wineries on the island of Sardinia. It is a cooperative with 300 members, and started in the late 1950’s when the government was giving land to grape growers in order to develop the area. It all began in 1946, in the Nurra area, which had been reclaimed and given to the farmworkers following the Agrarian Reform that was implemented in Sardinia. In 1959, one hundred of them decided to enter into a co-operative and to found the Cantina Santa Maria la Palma. Today, past and future are being combined seamlessly through the new technologies deployed in every project put together by the winery, which can leverage a tradition that has always married innovation to love for the local soil. 700 hectares of land on the estate are under vine, giving rise to a wealth of highly nuanced Sardinian wines, all made with the same passion and dedication as always. The winery decided to allocate some space to the varieties that have characterised the Sardinian tradition: Cannonau and Vermentino, but also plant out other – equally prestigious – grape types, such as Monica and Cagnulari.

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